Tuesday, April 5, 2016

March 2016

I can not believe March is over. It was a fast and furious month for sure. The month mostly revolved around getting ready for the big cowboys and cowgirls birthday party. I can't believe I have a 4 year old and five 2 year olds!!! I say this a lot but time sure flies when you're sleep deprived, oh and having fun!!! We are officially out of the baby stage with the quints and that makes me a little sad. And Brady is just amazing; he's more of a little boy now and not so much a toddler. Besides the party, we also took a trip to the aquarium and celebrated Easter. On Easter Sunday, we started taking the quints back to church. I'm so thankful we're so close to RSV/flu season being over (April 15 for us) and that we're finally done with being locked up for the whole winter. We will have to continue to be careful, but shouldn't have to do the whole lockdown process any longer and I'm SO excited about that!!
Here's a look back at our March...

I can't believe this guy is 4 years old!
And my babies are 2!!!!
How did this happen so fast?
This guy is too cool.
Our trip to the aquarium was so much fun!

Brady celebrating his 4th Birthday at school.
Of course...presents were his favorite part!
Gracie started climbing on everything!
Our Cowboys & Cowgirls Birthday Party was a huge hit and loads of fun!
Blowing out the candles!
Cake for Brady.
We had our 6 month dentist appointment.
I love this verse...It is perfect for our Fab Five.
Family Easter Bunny picture.
Hopefully next year the kids will take the picture without mom and dad having to be in the picture. 
Dying eggs.
We're going to have some fun this summer thanks to the Easter Bunny.
Ready for church on Easter Sunday.
Field trip fun to the Ag Barn.
The girls had a blast with daddy in the truck.
Aunt Kayla, Aunt Kayla..let us in!
Or we'll huff & we'll puff & we'll blow your house down!
That's all folks. Let's hope April isn't as wet as March was, our backyard was been more like a marsh than a yard lately and it has kept us inside more than we'd like. The kids got a lot of fun outside toys for their birthday and we really want to play with them. 

And just like that, we're on to April. Does anyone else think this year is going super fast??? Cause I sure do!!! Slow down time!! My babies are growing up too fast!!

Be blessed!
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