Monday, May 2, 2016

Hello Monday!

It's been a wild and wet weekend for us. And can you believe it's already May??? Which means....this is my BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! I'm holding on to 35 by a fingernail....

Friday we took a quick trip to Dallas to see the GI doctor. All the girls are looking good. Gracie and Tessa got their g-buttons out and we are so excited about that!!!

 Saturday we were suppose to go to Longview for the March of Dimes, but of course, it rained and we didn't want to go all the way to Longview and get rained on so we didn't get to go this year, but we did have a team and have raised money for a great cause. We did put our shirts on and take a walk around the neighborhood.


Trying to get a group picture is pretty tough these days....

Gracie was out of here.
Gracie Lou

Mia Danielle

My sweet 29 weekers.

 Today Mia had a swallow study at Children's in Dallas. She did not want any part of the whole process and we didn't get a lot of answers but we are going to start thickening her feeds again like when she was little and hopefully she'll start drinking more. We did see, from what little she did drink, that she didn't have any penetration of milk into her lungs, which is an improvement but we didn't have much to go off of from her poor performance so we're going to thicken to be safe.

She was okay in the chair until the lights were dimmed and the x-ray machine was put in place.

Love this girl.

At least someone was having fun. lol

 Then we had to treat ourselves to Tex-Mex before heading home.

By the way, it was freezing (60 degrees) in Dallas today. We were dressed like it was May and it felt like it was February.
Crazy Texas weather! I'm over it!

You can't be my child unless you like ice cream... It is a requirement. lol
Have a great week!
Be blessed,
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