Thursday, May 5, 2016

It's Cinco de let's laugh!

Well folks, today is my Birthday Eve!!! It's my last day to be 35 years old...tomorrow I'll wake up and be 36. *sigh* I'm going to blame not posting my Hump Day Humor post on my advanced (just kidding...I'm still young, but I have to have an excuse for not remembering to blog yesterday other than I just totally forgot, which is the truth). So, here's a few pictures to put a smile on your face. Hope you have a great Thursday and get to enjoy some Mexican food today....I've requested fajitas for my Birthday Eve dinner (trust me, I take full advantage of my birthday week).  :)

The kids love playing with the water table that Meme gave them for their birthday.


M, R

Rub-a-dub-dub Brady is in the tub!

Look mom! It's a frog!

M & R playing in the corner together.

Everyone piled on Carol (the speech therapist) because they didn't want her to leave.
We love Carol.


It is getting harder and harder to hold 3 kids at a time.

Buggy full of blessings.



Mia with crazy hair.

Yes, Rayleigh's outfit is on backwards....she continues to get in her diaper and make a mess or tries to take it off...
Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Brant's face is cracking me up...
He looks like the Grinch.

B, T

Tessa's face is cracking me up!


Gracie saying cheese!

Serious R



Brant has watched his sisters get hooked up for their tube feedings for almost 2 years, so he was doing it to himself.
Smart boy and this is a great reminder that they watch everything we do!


Don't mess with The Diva!
She's got her backpack, gun, and cell phone.

Baby boy!
Happy Cinco de Mayo y'all!!! Hope you have a wonderful day!
Be blessed!
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