Monday, May 16, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hey y'all! Welcome back! I hope you had a great weekend. We have been very busy the past couple of days. Besides December, May is the busiest month for us. This past weekend we celebrated Steven's 35 birthday (if you've been paying attention, you caught on to the fact that I'm a year older than him). We celebrated another Cardinal baseball win!! My nephew, Gage, came through with a big hit in the 6th inning. Talk about excited! Brady has been asking to go fishing, so Saturday, Steven took him fishing. They caught 4 fish. Sunday, my mom cooked lunch for Steven & I for our birthdays and it was delicious. My sisters and nephews and niece all came and we had a great time.
We are so proud of our Cardinal Baseball team!
We especially love our #6!!!

My beautiful niece 
The boys love to climb up on the entertainment center and watch tv.

5 little monkeys

My baby boy

Guilty look but oh so cute!

Love his smile.
My little fisherman.

Cupcakes for my honey.

The kids love to play with her food. 



Brady was very proud of himself for helping Meme cook the birthday cake.
Tessa, Gracie, Brady, & I went to watch my nephew, Gavin, play soccer.


Date night with the birthday boy.





Playing outside after Sunday lunch.

Meet BOB, my new bff. This is my new favorite gadget because it cleans my floors!

Sisterly love



Well, that's all folks! We have another busy week ahead of us. This is the last week of school for Brady! Lots of school posts coming, so stayed tuned!
Be blessed!
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