Monday, May 23, 2016

Hello Monday!

Hey y'all! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. We've been doing some much needed house work. Steven cleaned off the back porch, painted the porch swing on our swing set, and cleaned out the van. And by clean, I mean he scrubbed! It takes about 20 minutes for the kids to make a mess in the van and with us being in it so much going back and forth to school and therapy, it was pretty gross. He took all the car seats out, washed the coverings, sprayed the plastic part, vacuumed, wiped seats, and put all the car seats back together and back in the van, it was a full days job. But the van is so much cleaner and that makes me very happy. I've got the kitchen all cleaned up and now working on my closet. We also celebrated my sister, Kayla's, birthday. Our Cardinal baseball team won their playoff game so we continue on to the next round of high school playoffs.  Unfortunately, Rayleigh has been sick. She's had diarrhea during the day and has been vomiting at night. Last night was better so hopefully she just had a 48 hour bug. Thankfully none of the other kids seem to be sick so that's good news. But I did keep the quints home from church yesterday just in case they all had a stomach virus.

Here's a little quote to get the week started off:
Is Doing
What Needs 
To Be Done,
Even If
You Don't 
Want To
Do It.

Here's some pictures of our weekend.
Gage in action.

So incredibly proud of my nephew, Gage, and the fine young man he's becoming.
Brady sure loves Gage even though he doesn't look like it in the pictures...He'd rather be down running around.

Brady and Coby

Baby Wrigley 

How do we survive with quints...with a ice cream blizzard from Dairy Queen of course!

B & M
Crazy kids

Looking so grown up.

Also looking so grown up.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!
Be Blessed!
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