Monday, May 9, 2016

Hello Monday! Birthday Weekend Recap & Mother's Day Recap

Wow! This has been a crazy weekend! It was jammed packed of one thing after another but full of fun! So, my birthday was Friday, I'm now 36 years old! I had a wonderful birthday. I spent the first part of the day at doctors appointments but just checkups. Then my wonderful hubby let take a 2 hour nap! Talk about being in hog heaven; it was a nap that was much needed and greatly appreciated! Then we headed to Mt. Pleasant to cheer on our Cardinal baseball team to a win in the first round of the Texas State Baseball playoffs. It was pretty much the perfect day.

Saturday, my grandmother from Houston came to visit and celebrate my birthday and Mother's Day with us. We had a big get together with our almost our whole family and enjoyed grilling out and visiting with everyone. We had an amazing time.

Sunday was Mother's Day and it was another amazing day. I loved getting to spend the day with the people I love most. After church we had lunch at my mom's then the 8 of us came home and took another much needed afternoon nap. It was so nice. I'm so blessed to be Brady, Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh's mama. I love them with all my heart and they bring me so much love and joy every single day.

Brady was not too happy about getting his 4 year shots.
Bless his little heart.

Mama getting a much needed nap!

Beautiful flowers from my friends Paula and Dave.

Cheering on the Cardinals!
We love our #6!!!

Brady played with his buddy Coby at the game.
It makes my heart so happy to see these two boys playing. Coby's dad, RJ, graduated high school with Steven and me. And his mom, Whitney, is like another little sister to me. 

My niece, Makenna, and nephew, Gage, went to the Prom Saturday night. It's so hard to believe they are old enough to be going to prom. Gage looked very handsome and Makenna was gorgeous!
Mama Watson helping Gage get ready.

My sister & BIL, Kayla & Jeremy, with the kids and their dates.

Makenna in blue.
Breanna in brown.
Gage & Breanna
They were such a beautiful couple.
I loved Breanna's dress. 

Gage looking cool 

Makenna with her handsome date, Kendall.

Can't leave this guy nephew, Gavin.
The guys were grilling up a yummy supper.

Mother's Day!
My Mother's Day present that Brady made a school.
I love it!

My grandmother gave me this shirt for my birthday it says,
Mommin Ain't Easy.
It's the perfect shirt for me.

So blessed to be called mama by these 6 Sweet Seals.

Rayleigh enjoying cake.
Be blessed!
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