Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brant - 10 Month

Brant is now our biggest baby. He weighs 17lb 2.5oz (5%), is 27 7/8 inches long (15%), and his head circumference is 17 5/8in (30%).  Brant is the Tasmanian Devil, he's everywhere & gets there fast!!! He crawls everywhere, can pull up on anything in his way, he'll crawl over whatever gets in his way, even his little sisters. He absolutely adores Brady. He'll go in Brady's room and they'll play together. He loves his bottle, will eat baby food, but prefers the bottle. He points at everything with his pointer finger, he'll even point right up your nose and then in your mouth! He pulls hair. He's not a good napper. He is loud! He has 2 teeth. He's funny and has the biggest smile. He can also be high-maintance. Two weeks ago, he got tubes in his ears. He's doing better since the surgery. He wears 9-12 months clothes and size 3 diapers.

He loves to torture his sisters when they're in their bouncy seats.

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