Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Brant Gets Tubes

Well, it's official.... Brant inherited my bad ears. For the whole month of December he had an ear infection. He still has fluid behind his ear drums. I took him to the ENT doctor Monday and the doctor decided it would be best to give him tubes. So, his first surgery will be to get tubes in his ears. I sure hope this fixes all his issues and elevates his pain. It's so sad to see him hurting and really not being able to do a whole lot to help him.
The day of surgery came early, real early. We had to check in at the surgery center at 6:15am. Brant did pretty good before the surgery considering he hadn't eaten since midnight. They took him back at 7am sharp and it wasn't but about 10 minutes later (I'm not exaggerating) they came out to the waiting room to get us. I couldn't believe how fast it went. When we got back to him, he was mad, really, really mad! The nurse told us it was normal for him to be so upset. He cried for about 30 minutes after the procedure. Thankfully, they didn't make us stay long. So we were discharged and back home by 8:30am. For the rest of the day he was fussy and his left ear drained some blood, but overall he did well and I'm glad it's all behind us now. I sure hope this is a fix to his problems.
The doctor is in.

Look at that funny face!

Watching Mickey Mouse

He has the sweetest little smile...

It's amazing how much he looks like his daddy.

Ready to get some tubes.

All done and ready to go home....he was not a happy camper.
Thank you to everyone who prayed a little prayer for him today. God is good!

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