Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mia - 9 Months

My sweet Mia Bia (or Peanut, as Steven likes to call her) is starting to get such a funny personality. She is getting louder but her voice still sounds like a growl. She smiles a lot but will have a little hissy fit when she's mad. Out of all my kids, Mia is the biggest mama's girl (and I love it). She's not good with big crowds or new people. She will cry for someone she knows. She's got big hazel eyes and brown hair. Her hair is curly after a bath. She has the sweetest smile. She's getting stronger every day. We are making her stay on the floor more, for tummy time, and it's helping her strength. She loves to be held and snuggled but the only way she'll learn to sit, crawl, and pull up is tummy time. She is starting to sit for short periods of time unassisted. She still loves her Mr. Frog paci. She's sleeping better at night. She's crazy in the bed, she moves all over the place (just like her big brother Brady does). She turns circles while she sleeps. She had a double ear infection last week but is getting better thanks to some antibiotics. She still doesn't have any teeth, but I think she's working on it. She is still the smallest baby, about 2 pounds smaller than the other four, weighing in at approximately 14lb 6oz.
Mia's New Year's Resolution must have been to exercise everyday...she's got her workout clothes on.

Love her big eyes and sweet smile.

Cuddle time with Rayleigh

Mia's first Christmas.

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