Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tubes: Here We Go Again & Again

On Wednesday, I took Mia and Rayleigh to the ENT doctor to have their ears checked out. Rayleigh has had several ear infections, Mia, not as many, but our pediatrician felt like she needed to be seen. They both underwent a hearing test. Mia barely failed, but the test showed she had difficulty hearing due to fluid. Rayleigh failed miserably. They doc looked at the results and said they both needed tubes. So, only two weeks after Brant got tubes, we were back in the surgery center Thursday morning. Both girls did well during surgery and are doing well now. Mia didn't have much fluid, but the doc said the fluid in Rayleigh's ears was more like concrete. No wonder the poor girl couldn't hear. I'm glad the ENT doc did the procedure quickly and hopefully both girls will be on the mend and we won't have to deal with many more ear infections in the future. The good thing about tubes is you can use antibiotic ear drops (which work better) instead of oral antibiotics. Brant has done great since getting his tubes, and he's even slept through the night for the past 3 nights. He's also starting to jabber more, so I'm glad he got tubes when he did; I think they've made a huge improvement in him.

Here's a few pics of the girls before surgery...getting both of them to look and smile at the same time was, well, almost impossible..but I think the non-posed pics are pretty cute and funny. Oh the joys of trying to take pics of lots-o-babies... haha.

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