Monday, January 26, 2015

Quints- 10 Months

Only two more months until our babies are 1 year old and Brady will be 3. I can't believe they're this old. It's time for me to get busy planning all my kids birthday bash! I've decided to just do it all on the same day. I'm starting to get excited. I love a good party.
Everyone except Rayleigh has a tooth now. Rayleigh, Gracie, and Brant are crawling everywhere. They all can sit up on their own. They continue to be sick, mostly with ear infections. It's been tough. They've been vomiting a lot, which means lots and lots of loads of laundry. They fight over toys and like everyone else's pacifier except their own. They will steal another one's paci right from their mouth and put it in their mouth. They're all becoming more and more aware of things that are going on around them. They're all so funny. Tessa and Gracie like to wrinkle their noses and it's so funny. They get jealous if you pick someone else up.
The Fab Five

The girls

Rayleigh, Brady, and Gracie
Brant & Mia

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