Thursday, March 5, 2015

6 Kids = 0 Cavities

This past week, I took all six of my kids to the dentist. Brady's been going to the dentist since he was one, so now that the quints are almost one, it was time for them to have their (2) teeth checked out. I didn't know you were suppose to take kids to the dentist so young, but you are. When Brady was around 13 months old, he fell and hit his mouth and chipped his front tooth. I took him to the dentist because I was scared he could have damaged his tooth. Thankfully, he didn't and I learned it was a good thing that he was coming in to have a dental appointment. Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh all have 2 teeth. The dentist looked at their mouth to check and make sure everything looked good. Then it was Brady's turn. I was surprised, but Brady did so good. He usually cries a little, but not this time. He laid down and let the nurse do everything she needed to do. Of course, we had our hands full so I didn't get pictures of the babies getting checked out, but I did get a few of Brady being a big boy and doing a good job. I didn't have my first cavity until I was 29 years old; I hope I'm able to help my kiddos stay cavity free that long, not to mention, it'll be a lot cheaper if they never have to have lots of dental work done.


  1. It would actually be great if your kids manage to stay cavity-free for years to come; that way you could save a lot on dentist fees. Haha! Kidding aside, it’s nice to know that Brady dealt with the dentist very well, and that all of your children have a clean oral health record. Thanks for sharing this with us, Michelle. Have a great day!

    Ted Grimmer @ Cody Dental Group

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  3. Wow! That is great news, indeed. You’re such a wonderful mom for bringing all your six children to the dentist regularly. I see that you really take good care of their oral health, because none of them has a cavity. Also, I'm so glad that everyone cooperated well during their trip to the dentist, which made it a success. In any way, thanks for sharing that, Michelle! All the best to your lovely family!

    Isabel Phelps @ Buck Head Dentist