Monday, March 2, 2015

There's No Day Like a Snow Day

Wednesday morning, around 8am, it started snowing. We'd had ice the past two days, but finally we got  some snow. The flakes were huge. I'm not a fan of winter or cold weather, but snow days are so beautiful. They have a way of giving me an attitude adjustment. God really knew what He was doing when He created the seasons. When the landscape is covered in a blanket of white snow, it's absolutely gorgeous. I especially love how beautiful the trees look all covered with snow.

Brady was so excited to see the snow. It snowed last year, but this was the first year he actually understood what was happening. After I got some of my family to come and play with the quints, he and I went outside to play and build a snowman. I didn't know how he would handle the cold, but he was a trooper. He never complained about being cold, in fact, he cried when we made him come in to warm up and eat lunch. He had so much fun! I'm so glad he got to experience a real snow day.

The quints, on the other hand, are just too little to get out in the cold weather, plus they don't know what's going on so, I got them wrapped up and snapped a few pictures of them, then quickly took them back inside. Most of my family was over so they were enjoying all the extra attention.

I love that big tree in the middle of the pasture. It's pretty year-round.

Pine trees covered with snow.

Gracie and Tessa trying to get out.

Tessa really liked licking the cold glass.

Building a snowman with Brady.

We had enough snow to build a pretty tall snowman.

Kara was sweet enough to help us out.


Brant looking out the window.

The babies had to have a quick picture. (From l to r: Mia, Rayleigh, Brant, Tessa, Gracie)

Kayla, Mama, Makenna, and Kristian had to help me out and hold a baby. :)

How do you like our cowboy snowman??? He's wearing Steven's cowboy hat and we used legos to make the face.

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