Thursday, March 26, 2015

Brant - 1 Year Old

Brant is all boy! He is always on the move. The only time he isn't moving is when he's sleeping. It's hard to keep Brant pinned in one spot; he's pretty good at squeezing through tight spots to break free. He has 3 teeth (2 on bottom and 1 on top). He crawls, pulls up, and cruises along furniture. He's starting to climb on things. He's sleeping well during the night. He's doing a little better during nap time. He loves to be held (especially if you're walking around). When he's mad, he'll blow raspberries. He gets jealous if you pick up another baby. He loves lots of attention. He's always been high maintenance. You'd think after a year, plus 29 weeks in utero, he'd figure out these girls aren't going anywhere, but he hasn't. He thinks the world should revolve around him. If he sees one of the girls playing with a toy, he'll crawl over and steal it. He has two speeds when he crawls, leisurely and turbo. He'll be leisurely crawling until he sees someone playing with something, then he'll turn on the turbo speed. He's so funny. He has the biggest smile; he loves to flash his teeth. He's babbling dada. He's got hazel eyes and his hair is brownish/red.

Brant was our biggest baby at birth, weighing in at a whopping 3 lbs 6 oz and was 15.7 inches long. He's now tied with Tessa as our biggest baby at 18 lbs 4.6 oz and is 28 inches long. Brant has always been the healthiest of all the quints. He had his struggles right after birth, but that only lasted a week or two, then he took off and has never looked back. He was the first baby to take a bottle, he's never had feeding issues like the girls do (he's the only quint who didn't need a feeding tube). I'm so thankful he's healthy. When we were trying for another baby, that's singular, ;) I really wanted to have another boy. I wanted Brady to have a brother. I could envision them fishing together and playing sports together. I'm so thankful God gave me another baby boy to love. Brant adores Brady and Brady loves Brant. I hope they will always have a special bond with each other.
The day Brant came home from the NICU. He was the first baby to come home.

He's always been a 'little' high maintenance.

Oh how I love my baby boy.

He's such a ham.

Not wanting to hang out with dad.

He loves his big brother.

Wild hair.

First hair cut!

Pulling up like a big boy.

I found him in the bathroom...the roams the whole house.

The red icing on the cake was everywhere...he looked like he'd been shot in the head.

He's got the biggest smile!
Brant, God knew I needed another little boy in my life and I'm so thankful he gave me you! Happy 1st Birthday! I love you with all my heart!

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