Saturday, March 14, 2015

Going for a walk...

This past week was Spring Break. I can't remember a Spring Break with as bad of weather as this one had. The Thursday before Spring Break, it snowed (in March... in TEXAS!!!!!) Now, it's raining, like, everyday! All six kids have been fighting colds. Brady is a lot better, but the quints are just miserable. (Go figure, a week before their birthday party, they get sick.) So we've had to stay inside because of the rain & sickness. On Wednesday, it actually stopped raining and I finally took all the kids outside for a walk. I wasn't sure how the babies were going to handle being outside for the first time, but they did great. I need to buy the girls some hats to shield their eyes from the sun, but other than that, they didn't make a peep. It was nice to get out and walk & push the strollers. I felt like I got a mini workout. I'm hoping the weather will get nicer and we'll be able to go out more. I'm so tired of being locked inside.


  1. Sooo glad you were able to get out!! Isn't it amazing how simple things minister so deeply to the soul??!! We put many, many miles on our stroller. I ran all our errands with the kids in tow. Grocery shopping with them in the stroller was almost easier than it is now that they're 8!! :) God Bless you....and I hope you're able to get out again soon. :)

    1. Thank you Diane! We just ordered a 6 seat stroller so it's going to be nice to have all the kids together and I can go for walks alone now.