Thursday, February 11, 2016

Brady's Valentine's Party

Brady's class celebrated Valentine's Day yesterday. I just love his little class and both his wonderful teachers. I think everyone enjoyed the party....take a look!

Brady & his partner in crime...Knox.

Trying to get a picture with this crazy kid is almost impossible.

I love my card he made for me.
Brady's awesome teachers: Ms. Kay & Ms. Holly

Silly boy

So Brady gave both his teachers a photo Valentine card & flowers.
Trust me, his teacher deserve lots and lots of flowers for putting ups with teaching my strong-willed child.
These are the cookies my friend Sandi Neal made for Brady to give to his classmates.
I attached a card that said, "You are the milk to my cookie."
Brady brought home lots of cute gifts from his class mates.

From Coco

Reading through his Valentine cards and eating the candy that came with most of them. 
Silly boy.

Showing off his blue tongue.
Thank you to my amazing Aunt Marty for taking the quints to therapy so I could attend Brady's party. It would be a tight fit to take them all with me and I wouldn't be able to focus on Brady. I'm thankful God has given me a big family that loves to help me out whenever there's a need.
I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day! Be blessed!

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