Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hey y'all...guess you need your weekly dose of smiles from the Six Sweet Seals.... well here you go!
Smile away!

Do you remember that Thanksgiving episode from Friends when Joey got his head stuck inside the turkey??? This totally makes me think of that show. This is Mia by the way, and she thought she was hilarious walking around with this backpack on her head. She was running in to walls, toys...but it didn't matter because mama was laughing at her.
She is something else.

Speaking of Mia.... this child is going to give me grey hair! She loves lotion (obviously) and thought it would be fun to stick her hand into the tub of lotion and play with it. 
Let me add that this lotion is about $15 a tub!!!!
And this is what her hair looked like after 6 washings! We couldn't get the lotion out for nothing! Finally after a couple of days it just wore out.

Bringing the 80's hair style back.

She is a mess y'all!!!!

We've been working on taking the quint's morning nap away...Tessa was struggling this weekend.
Mia is patting on her.
Sleepy Tessa
Brady came to love on T.

And this guy...he melts my heart!

That grin! Oh how I love my baby boy!

Speaking of not handling one nap a day's Mia at the table.
Gracie was struggling too.
No matter what...she wouldn't wake up.
The struggle is real for Rayleigh too.
Brant & Rayleigh

Tessa & Rayleigh

Sweet Tessa
She loves to talk.
Looking like a little pig. 
Mia & Brant

Brant & the Diva (aka: Gracie Lou)
So the girls' hair is getting so long...we're now having to blow-dry their hair after baths. I don't think Steven knew what he was in for when God blessed us with FOUR little girls. Hair, hair, and more hair!!!      :)

Gracie wasn't cooperating. 

My little mama's boy.

Well, Mia's at it again...hiding to do her dirty business. At least she looks cute doing it!

Mia cracks herself up.

I got extra snuggles this morning with this little guy.

Here comes the bride.
Rayleigh loved walking around with her veil on.

No one is touching Mia's Oreo.
Check out Brant's new hairdo.
Daddy is having too much fun with the hairdryer.

 So, here's a sweet Brady Boo story... This little redheaded beauty is Ruby. She is in Brady's class at school. Apparently Ruby told her mama that one day when she gets bigger she's going to the water park by herself and she is picking up Brady in her mama's van and taking him with her.

I thought that was the sweetest little story. I think we may have to meet up at the water park and let these two cuties play & swim.
Ruby + Brady = Sweetness
Have a great rest of the week y'all! Be blessed!

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  1. So, WHY are you trying to take their morning nap away? They must not be ready to do that yet. They will let you know when it is time. It's OK.....they'll learn to eat out of a spoon, use the potty, and not nap in the morning by the time they are grown!