Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hope your week is going well. The quints have been a little under the weather the past few days. I took Brant to the doctor yesterday and he was tested for strep; thankfully the test came back negative, which means they have a virus. But, overall, they are doing well so it's all good around here....nothing we can't handle.

I'm going to let the following pictures speak for themselves.... I hope you get a little laugh out of my Six Silly (and Sweet) Seals.

Who needs a Jungle Jim when you can just hang on the dinning room table?!?! I mean seriously people...I gave birth to 5 little monkeys!!!!


Gracie hanging.
Rayleigh in yellow.

 EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!! Mia has found the answer to all your aging questions. Her secret beauty tip is spit... but not any spit, it's got to be Mia's Special Spit!!!
Aunt Kayla wants to look younger so who does she turn to??? Mia! 

She's all business.

I'm pretty sure Mia's Special Spit took 10 years off Kayla's "ageless" face.

 So one day last week a cat showed up on our doorsteps and the kids loved looking at it. Thankfully, the cat went back to it's home because we're not accepting any new occupants any time soon.
 Check out this little stud muffin... even though Brant was running fever and not feeling well he still makes an adorable chef and looks super cool in his sunglasses.

 Of course, I have another Brady Boo story...this week he named this little wooden cat at school Holly Boo...I'm sure his lovely teacher loves all these animals being named after But he did redeem himself and named the cat Brady Boo the next day.  :)

 I'm such a terrible mama...yesterday I left the girls at home (with help, of course...I'm not that terrible) and took Brady to school and Brant to the doctor.. on our way home (I wasn't feeling good either) I stopped and let Brady eat ice cream and french fries for lunch. He was happy and at the moment that was all that mattered to me.

Happy Brady = Happy Mama

 The kids loved playing with bubbles the other day and we LOVED the beautiful spring-like weather over the weekend.. It's back to being cold now.

I hope these pictures brought a smile to your face...I know they do me.

Happy Hump Day! Be Blessed!

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