Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Hi there! I guess you've stopped by to see what crazy things the Six Sweet Seals are up to this week??? Well here we go!  :)

Brady is modeling his tattoos on his hands.

Mia is all comfy in a box.

Sleeping beauty AKA Rayleigh

Mia & Rayleigh


Back to my old habits of painting my nails in the car.
Red for Valentine's Day.  
Mia, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, & Rayleigh
Modeling their homemade Valentine outfits.
Rayleigh modeling and showing off her sweet smile.

Brant & Mia
Brant put this hand band on his head himself...I did not do this to him, I promise.

Some habits die hard...Brady is enjoying a pacifier.

Mia went missing.... She has a new hiding spot...if you find her here then you know she's doing one of two things...
1) pooping or 2) doing something she's not suppose to do.

Tessa and her triplets... I'm not the only in the family with multiples.  ;)

Beautiful smiley Tessa.
Mia loves her popsicle.
Brant looks like a vampire.
Have a great rest of the week! Be blessed!

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