Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Home Tour: Brady's Room

Welcome back to our house! Today you're going to take a peek into Brady's room. Once the office has now become our big guy's get-away place.

When the reality of having quints finally sunk in, Steven and I decided we would convert our office into Brady's new room. I felt bad that he was going from such a big nice room to a little bitty room, but we had no other options. Our office was never meant to be lived in. It's a small 8'x8' area and it doesn't have a closet. Thankfully our office is connected to our laundry room so we use the rod in the laundry for Brady's clothes.

All of the furniture in Brady's room is borrowed, which saved us a lot of money. My sister Kayla let us use my nephew's toddler bed and bookshelf. My mother-in-law let us use Steven's old furniture so that's where we got the nightstand and chest-of-drawers (which helps with storing Brady's clothes since he doesn't have a lot of room or a formal closet).

Brady's room is very small, but it's perfect for him. He has his own space where he can go to get away from the quints. He doesn't like for them to come in his room and mess with his stuff. His room is across the house from the quints' rooms so he does not bother the quints once they've gone to sleep and vice versa.

Take a look..........
Come on in...

Our laundry room/Brady's closet
Door to the laundry room/Brady's closet
The fabulous Shelley Jennings painted this especially for Brady.
Shelley also painted these letters.
They matched Brady's nursery bedding perfectly and they also go well in his big boy room.
And if you're a perfectionist then I'm sure my crooked letters are driving you crazy....I just noticed how crooked they are. Yikes!

Brady loves to play on his city mat on the floor.

My boy loves to sleep with all these stuffed animals.
I got his bedding from Target.

My friend, Jessica, painted this frame for Brady.
This is one of those books that you record yourself reading.
This one is extra special because it's from my grandmother and grandfather. My grandfather died in 2013 and it melts my heart to hear his voice when we read through this book.
Brady has these books from his Nana & Pops, Papa Berney, and great grandparents.
These books are priceless and stay out of touch of all the kids.
From Brady's 1st birthday party.
My sister, Kristian, had this book made for Brady. It is personalize especially for him. Each page tells of our family members that love Brady.
This is such a special keepsake.
Sweet dreams little guy.
Thanks for stopping by! See you next time.     :)

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