Monday, October 13, 2014

Brady & Potty Training

So a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time to potty train Brady. I was fed up with changing 6 kid's diapers! I read some information online and it said once a child is around 26-27 months old, they're usually ready to be potty trained. I read some information about potty training a kid and felt like I was ready for the challenge. Boy, was I wrong! Brady wanted nothing to do with wearing underwear, peeing in the potty, or anything else for that matter. I read that you need to set a timer and take your child to the potty every 45 minutes. Within the first 4 minutes, Brady had already peed in his underwear. Not a good start. However, I was determined to be successful and I wasn't giving up without a fight! So, the day went on with me setting my timer and taking him to the restroom every 45 minutes. He had some accidents, but that was to be expected. The next day, we had something to do away from the house so I put a pull-up on him and hit the road. That was pretty much the end of our first attempt at potty training. He wanted nothing to do with it and I just don't have the time to mess with it right now. I learned that he really isn't ready for it right now so there's no sense in making him miserable and driving myself crazy in the process. I guess for a little while longer, I just have to change all six of my kids diapers.
This was a bad sign...

He hated wearing his underwear.

I guess it felt like his underwear or pants were going to fall down, so he'd walk around holding his pants up.

This is what happened within the first 4 minutes of our potty training experience/failure!
So, I failed at my first attempt to potty train my kid. Hopefully, next time I will be successful. I guess by the time I get all the quints potty trained I'll be a self-proclaimed potty training expert! ;)

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  1. I know how little time you have with 6 kids but for us, we would set the timer for every 15-20 minutes the first day. When the timer goes off, I make a big deal of it. "Yay! We get to go to the potty!" Even if they didn't want to, just getting them there and sitting was good enough.
    The second day, was set for every 30 minutes with the same excitement. But I would start having them sit for at least 10 seconds and we would count together.
    By the third day, they were doing SO much better and actually beginning to sense when they had to go. Candy is also a good (bribe) reward for successfully going.
    Good luck! The first three days to a week are the hardest but once you make it over the hump, it gets much easier/smooth.