Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Quints 7 Month Pics

I took the babies for a checkup this week and they are all growing well. They are all on the growth now...woot woot!! They are doing so good. They are grabbing for things, laughing, and rolling everywhere. We're having so much fun with them and I can't believe they're already 7.5 months old now.
Here are their latest stats:
Mia: weight- 13lb 4.5oz (1%) length- 25in (3%)
Tessa: weight- 14lb 12oz (10%) length- 26in (20%)
Brant: weight- 14lb 10oz (1%) length 26in (5%)
Gracie: weight- 14lb 12oz (10%) length 26 1/8in (25%)
Rayleigh: weight- 14lb 8oz (10%) length 25 3/4in (15%)

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