Friday, October 24, 2014

Gracie - 7 months

Sweet Gracie Lou is 7 months old! She is still our little diva, but she is oh so sweet. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and her hair is brown and straight and it sticks up everywhere. She weighs 14lbs 3.5oz. She loves her paci. She's sleeping a lot better at night. She sleeps with her hands behind her head. She knows what she wants. She can somewhat hold her bottle. She tries to do sit-ups. She likes to be held and likes playing in her bouncer. She "thinks" she's the queen of the world (or at least the Seals' house). She is very noisy and doesn't like it when you pick up someone and leave her laying on the ground. She's taking her bottle much better lately and likes eating bananas. She's very vocal. She mocks the others, if someone else cries, she will cry. She has a beautiful smile.
Showing her new skill.

This is her, 'why are you waking me up mom' look...

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