Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mia - 7 Months

Sweet little Mia is 7 months old! She's starting to get chunkier but she's still the smallest baby and she feels a lot lighter than the other babies. She smiles all the time and has a growling voice. She now weighs 13lbs 10.5oz. She loves to eat baby food (she likes applesauce, blueberry apple, and pears - she doesn't like bananas). She loves to be held. She has a pitiful cry and uses it to get her way. She has been keeping us up at night; she'll lose her paci and will cry for you to put it back in her mouth. She's turning over well and scooting everywhere (backwards), starting to reach for things, is holding her head up well. She's started to get a little sassy. She loves to cuddle. She's very opinionated and knows exactly what she wants, for example, she wants to be held a certain way, and if you don't hold her a certain way, she'll let you hear about it. When Mia's mad, she's really mad, and there's no mistaking that. Her hair has grown so much. She has brown hair and her eyes are hazel.
Sleepy girl

Eating at the table for the first time.

Not enjoying snuggle time with Brady

A girl on the go.

Ready for surgery.... she had her airway stretched

She had a few issues from surgery and needed some help breathing...but it didn't take her too long to bounce back.

Feeling better and ready to leave the hospital. I sure love snuggling with my sweet Mia.

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