Friday, October 24, 2014

Brant - 7 months

Sweet Brant is 7 months old! He is all boy! He's always on the go, he's always moving. He has the biggest smile and loves to stick out his tongue. He now weighs 13lb 11.5oz. He's only bigger than Mia but I can tell he's starting to get chunkier and he's long. Brant still has a temper and has no problem screaming at you. He is very vocal. He likes to be held and talked to. He rolls all over the place, if you put him down, leave, and come back he will be somewhere else. Sometimes he want to just be left alone, so he's happy when you put him down. He loves to stick his legs straight up in the air. He's doing a lot better with his therapies and has made a lot of progress. He sleeps pretty good at night, only waking up to sleep and he's getting better about putting himself to sleep. He's hair is getting darker and he's getting more of if. He has the highest shrill..he will hurt your ears. I think he may be hitting a growth spurt because he's doing a lot of eating and sleeping lately.
Brant got to play with his friend Wrigley at Ms. Courtney's house.

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