Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tessa - 7 Months

Sweet Tessa is 7 months old. She has the biggest and most contagious smile. She now weighs 14lb 15oz. Tessa, Gracie, and Rayleigh are all about the same size, but to me, Tessa still seems the biggest. Out of all the babies, she has the least amount of hair, but it's growing some, and it looks like it's going to be dark. She hasn't been sleeping well at night, but she also hasn't been feeling well. Hopefully, we can get her well and she'll start sleeping better. She likes to play, she's strong, and is doing very well with her therapies. She is drinking her bottle really well. She eats baby food at the table but she likes to spit it out. We've got to work with her on keeping her tongue in while eating. She likes to ride in the car as long as the car is going...she doesn't like it when you stop. She now has a button (for her g-tube) just like her sisters. She has beautiful blue eyes. Tessa definitely has some Robinson blood in her....I've had several people tell me she reminds them of my dad, uncle, and grandpa. She has a big smile, just like my Papa did, and I know if he were still alive, he's say she was the prettiest baby since she looks like him. ;)
Serious about her bunny
Holding her head up like a big girl.

Eating at Ojeda's with mom and dad after she got her button

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