Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gracie - 6 Months

Gracie is still our little spit-fire baby. She's so funny! She likes things her way and when she wants it... which is the true definition of a Diva! She has a cute smile and the most beautiful blue eyes. She's got some wild hair and it's brown. I think she's going to have the kind of baby hair that sticks straight up on her head. She weighs 13lb 8oz and her legs have fat rolls. She likes to hold her hands clasped together like she's praying. She's good at rolling over and holding her head up. Just like Brant, she also has a good set of lungs. I think she'll make a great cheerleader someday because she's so loud. Our Gracie Lou is a mess, she's got a funny personality and she knows how to capture everyone's attention.
Happy 6 Months Gracie Lou!

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