Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hello Tuesday!

I will not be afraid,
Because the Lord is with me.
Psalm 118:6

I really needed this verse yesterday, it was one of those crazy Mondays where nothing seemed to go as according to plan.

Our Monday started early and ended late. If you don't already know, all of our girls have g-buttons because of feeding issues. Mia gets a continuous feed at night, which means the pump runs slow throughout the night while she sleeps. We hooked the girls up a little later than usual Sunday night because the they were restless; now that they are big, we have to make sure they are good and asleep before hooking them up. Steven and I were exhausted Sunday night, like we are every night but that night was more so than usual. We went to sleep and we didn't wake up until Steven's alarm clock went off. I was laying in bed while he got ready for work and I could hear Mia's alarm on her pump going off (the pump beeps when there's no more milk in the bag). I asked Steven to turn it off before he left for work. After he did, he came back in the room and told me the extension had come out from the button but she wasn't wet (from milk leaking everywhere) and off he left for work. Around 6:15am it was discovered that her whole button had come out during the night. The girls' buttons have come out a lot in the past year and half and we've always been able to get them back in (except for once). We've been told that we have about an hour window from when the button comes out to get it back in before the hole in her stomach heals up. I went ahead and tried to put the button back in at home but was unsuccessful. We called our Pedi GI doc and he FaceTimed us to try to walk us through getting it back in but it was too late and the hole had closed up too much for us to safely reinsert at home so off to Dallas we went. Thankfully my sister, Kristian, left work to come home and help take care of the others (along with Tom and Tesha). We were prepared for Mia to have to have surgery to reinsert the button but the ER doc said he wanted to try to stretch the hole and if we were unsuccessful then they would call the surgeon. It was a painful process for Mia and horrible to watch her be in so much pain but we finally got her button back in around 3pm. We were able to go back home instead of staying in the hospital tonight.

Mia is such a tough little girl. She has gone through a lot in her short 22 months on this Earth but she doesn't let anything hold her back. She comes through every trial stronger than ever. 

I want to thank all of you, again, for praying for our precious Mia yesterday. Your prayers were definitely felt and appreciated. 

And I want to thank all of the people who helped with Brady, Tessa, Brant, Gracie, and Rayleigh while we were gone. It is such a relief to know we have such a large support system ready to help when they get a call.
Can she get any more precious!?!?

We were bored so daddy let us watch movies on his phone.

She was such a good patient.

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When you're stuck in a hospital, with nothing to do, mama tends to take too many pictures.

While the cat is away, the mice will play.
Thanks Aunt Kris for keeping these little rascals while we were away.

The hospital gave her a lion because she's such a tough little girl.
When we were about a block away from the hospital, Brady's teacher texted me this picture. I was getting nervous about what was about to happen to Mia, but the second I saw Brady's smiling face, I immediately felt better. 
Brady sure loves his Miss Holly Boo.
We got home around 7:50pm, just in time to give all the babies a kiss and hug before bed. When Brady saw Mia's lion, he immediately wanted it. He was very upset when she took it to bed with her. Later that night Brady started complaining that his leg hurt and then he started crying. Then the pain went from his leg to his head. Then he informed us that he needed to go to the doctor because his head was hurting and then we needed to take him to the hospital so he could get a lion like Mia. That boy is something else...faking an illness to get a stuffed animal. Today during nap time I let him cuddle with the lion and he was a happy boy!
Silly boy.

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