Sunday, January 17, 2016

Update on the Six Sweet Seals

It's been a little over 3 months since I last did an update on the kids, so it's time to update on how everyone is doing, what they are doing, and a few things I want to always remember about this age. All six kiddos have a birthday coming up very soon (March 15 & March 18 to be exact). Now that Christmas is over, I'm in birthday party mode.

Brady - 3 years 10 months
He weighs 32lbs.
His hair is blonde and his eyes are blue.
He's funny and has the cutest smile. He likes to try to scare you. He is a very picky eater, his favorite food is yogurt, oatmeal, frozen pizza, potatoes, candy, and "chik-a-lay" (Chick-Fil-A). He is still obsessed with Thomas the Train. He loves to watch Curious George and he sleeps with his little stuffed monkey whom he named George. He loves to play with Mia (it's no secret that she's his favorite sibling). I'm not ready to say he's completely potty trained, he's probably 95% trained; in the last week, he's started peeing and pooping in the potty, and several times he's done it on his own, without us having to go to the bathroom with him. He's very particular about making sure things match. If he eats strawberry oatmeal, then he's got to eat it in a red bowl with a red spoon. Some of Brady's favorite sayings are: "You made me cry", "I'm Meme's boy" (sometimes he'll be Kayla's boy or Kristian's boy--- just depends on who's visiting). If you tell him you want to tell him a secret he'll say, "what are you thinking about". One of my favorite Brady sayings is, "oh dear". And he'll tell me "I'm not very happy with you Mama", & "I'm not going back to school". The other day he got in trouble, and he looked at me and asked, "mama, why is your face not happy?" He keeps asking me if Santa is coming back tomorrow; he just can't understand that Santa won't be back anytime soon. He's doing great in school and has a good time once he's there. He's got a vivid imagination and has really learned to play well with others.

I can't believe my little boys is just a few months away from turning 4 years old. It just doesn't seem possible.
This little monkey fell off the bed and hurt his eye.
Growing too fast.
Snuggling with Aunt Kris.
They all still bite each other; I hope this phase is about to end. They are starting to play with each other a little better. They like to pull each other's hair (except Brant...he's okay in that department). They were all (quints & Brady) sick over the Christmas break, but are feeling much better now. If one is doing something wrong, like climbing on something they shouldn't, and you correct the one in the wrong, two or three others will walk over and start doing the same exact thing you just corrected the last one for. They love to play Monkey See, Monkey Do. They all are still very attached to their pacifiers, I'm trying to work on taking them away but I can't stand all the crying so I give in. If one or two of the babies wake up from a nap, I'll go get them, in hopes that they won't wake the others, but they can't stand to be apart and they'll go back to the room and wake the others up. It's a constant battle to keep them in the living room, because they like to sneak down the hall and open the bedroom door. I'm amazed how attached they are to one another and know when one of them is missing. They all follow directions well. They know who's paci belongs to whom and will try to stick them in each others mouth to stop the crying. They enjoy music and dancing, and they climb on everything! And I'm excited to say...NO MORE BOTTLES in this house!!!
My whole world in one picture.
They hate the baby gates, but a quint mama has to do what a quint mama has to do.
Mia - 22 months
She weighs 20lbs
Her hair is brown & curly and her eyes are hazel.
She is a spunky little girl. She is also tough as nails. She is a mama's girl, but her heart belongs to her big brother Brady; she adores him. She takes short naps and is usually always one of the first to wake up in the mornings. She is so funny and has a bit of a mean streak in her. I can always tell when she's about to bite someone because she will growl first. She hates to have her hair in a ponytail and will pull it out. She likes to tattle on everyone. She still gets speech, occupational, and physical therapy, and if you compare her to her siblings, she's the quint that is the most delayed. She eats a little food by mouth, but doesn't really drink any liquid, so she still gets all her nutrients through her g-tube. She a little more farsighted in one eye than the other so she is being monitored closely by her eye doctor; we got good news from the retina specialist, that her eyes look fine.
Look at those big beautiful eyes!
Monkeying around
Big mouth...she loves to tattle.
Simply adorable.
Tessa - 22 months
She weighs 22lbs.
Her hair is sandy blonde with some curl on the ends and her eyes are hazel.
She's sweet and spicy. She can be so loving to her siblings one minute and attack them the next. She has the sweetest grin and laugh. Her laugh reminds me of a baby doll laugh, I really need to record it before she outgrows her laugh or it changes. She is getting so heavy. She is a bookworm, the girl loves books, she loves to look at them and pretend she's reading and she loves to be read to. Tessa still gets speech, occupational, and physical therapy. She uses her g-tube for over half her feeds but she is eating better. We found out the hard way that Tessa is allergic to penicillin, she broke out in a nasty rash, thankfully, steroids cleared her right up.
Look at me mom.
Pure sweetness.
Love her smile.
Ready to drive the golf cart.
Brant - 22 months
He weighs 20lbs
His hair is brown and his eyes are hazel.
He is a total mama's boy, and I love it! He likes for his siblings to leave him alone. He loves to play with balls and will sit adjacent from me and we will roll the ball back and forth, he's got great coordination. The boy is talking up a storm. He's by far the best at vocalizing what he wants and doesn't want. He's even talking in phrases. He whines more than any of his siblings (some things never change, he was the same way in the NICU). He has the biggest and sweetest grin and is such a handsome little guy. He gets occupational and speech therapy, but he gets reevaluated next month and the speech therapist thinks he will be caught up by then, so he may be discharged from services very soon. For the past 9 nights, he has peed in the potty, and no, we're not potty training the quints yet, but we do sit them on the potty before putting them in the tub to try to get them use to it and to make sure they aren't scared of the potty seat.
Brant has always been my whiniest kid...and that has yet to change.
There is no doubt about it...he's a mama's boy.
Trying to drive the golf cart.
Gracie - 22 months
She weighs 22lbs
Her hair is brown and straight (and is getting so long) and her eyes are hazel.
My little diva is such a funny little girl. She thinks she rules the roost. She's got the funniest little walk; she's got some pep in her step. She's got big feet and really long toes. She will walk around with her toes bent under, like a ballerina. She's got a sweet smile and she is so mischievous. She gets occupational and physical therapy (she just graduated from speech therapy last week!!!) She is talking all the time and can say all her sibling's names. She eats really well; she loves a variety of foods. She doesn't use her g-tube. She's a good climber. Her hair is getting so long; it's not as curly as the other three girls, but she's got hair with some body to it and it is so beautiful.
Love this silly girl. Look at that smile!
Going for a roller coaster ride with Tessa.
Playing outside with Brady.
Her hair is getting so long.
Rayleigh - 22 months
She weighs 21lbs
She has curly brown hair and brown eyes.
She's my quiet child. She's independent and can entertain herself. She's very sensitive and cries easily.  She can be sneaky but she's very sweet.  She's a mama's girl. She can do a tuck and roll over. She gets speech and occupational therapy. She's very soft spoken; she's a got a great vocabulary but rarely talks. She's very smart. She can throw an all out tantrum and it's pretty animated. You wouldn't think it, because she's so quiet, but she's got a funny personality. She's very attached to her elephant paci, but it has to be one of the old ones, she doesn't want any part of the new pacis. Her hair is so long and it is very wild.
Rayleigh has always been the most serious quint. And she's also always been the hardest to get to smile.
Happy girl.
Such a sweet smile.
This is what she looks like anytime you tell her no.

I can't believe we're only 2 months away from our big birthday month! It's amazing how much these six kids have changed lately. They keep us very busy, They are so much fun and are always making us laugh. We are so thankful everyone is doing so well. We are so very blessed to get to spend our days loving on these beautiful children.


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