Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hump Day Humor

Because of our unplanned mad dash to Dallas Monday, I can't for the life of me embrace that today is Wednesday...but the good news is that for all you working folks, the work week is halfway over! For me, I think I'll just remain off until next week begins and everything seems to be back on track.

Here's a few funny pictures our my crazy crew to get you through the rest of the week.
Brant wearing Brady's underwear over his onesie... He's so funny.
So apparently it's fun to rip the stuffing out of the furniture.  They all like to do it.
Brant is pretty proud of his work of pulling the stuffing out of our chair. See all the fuzzy cotton stuff laying on the ground.
More fuzzy cotton everywhere.
Who knew licking the wall could be so much fun and yummy too (I suppose).
This is Mia.
I had to add a couple of cute pictures of Tessa.

So Brady's teacher texted me this picture and told me Brady came up to her and said,
"Miss Holly, this hippo wooks wike you."
This was one of those times I'd like to take the palm of my hand, smack it against my forehead and just shake my head. I mean seriously, where does he get this stuff from? And how embarrassing! He's getting good about embarrassing me. lol
So apparently this is Holly Hippo.
Thank the Lord his teacher and so sweet and has a awesome personality! :)
Well, that about does it for this week. I'm working on a blog about potty training and hope to get it up by this weekend.

Have a great rest of the week! Be Blessed!

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  1. I LOVE your posts....I look forward to seeing what those ADORABLE babies do next....I love you and give you all the kuddos for all you do...Glory to God for all you are able to accomplish

  2. Michelle, you are an amazing mother and an inspiration to the rest of us!

  3. Michelle, you are an amazing mother and an inspiration to the rest of us!